Kitchen Renovations

With over 45 years combined experience in the kitchen and detail joinery industry, Asset Kitchens is able to provide a complete renovation service. We can supply everything for your entire kitchen renovation, from kitchen cabinets and benchtops, to appliances and flooring. No matter what styling points you had in mind, or requirements that need to be met, we will strive to give you your dream kitchen renovation. 

Renovations with a Difference

There are many factors to take into consideration when renovating your kitchen and our suggestions will hinge upon how you intend to use your space and your personal style. The Asset Kitchens team will consider design inclusions that will make the space more comfortable and functional, and will also take into account the orientation and placement of elements such as windows, walls and doorways to improve flow and make the most of natural light. You will benefit from our insight and guidance in selecting the right products to create a great kitchen. 

Factory in Richmond, Western Sydney

The team at Asset Kitchens strive to meet the high standards and requirements set out in front of them. This is why we only use high grade materials that will ensure durability and functionality within the frequented area of your home. Our factory is located in Richmond, Western Sydney, which allows us to provide our services to a variety of customers in Australia. 

Contact for Consultation and Renovation

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and high-quality work. With 45 years of combined experience within the kitchen and detailed joinery industry, the team at Asset Kitchens can help you design your dream custom kitchen, or renovate your space so that you have a kitchen that is functional within the design of your home. 

If you are looking to talk to a professional regarding your fit out or design, feel free to get in touch. We provide free, in-home design consultation, and talk you through how we can create a kitchen renovation you’ll be delighted with. A kitchen renovation from Asset Kitchens can add a great deal of value to your home and a lot of pleasure to your life.

Head Office & Factory
Unit 1, 3 Terrace Road
North Richmond NSW 2756

(02) 4571 3613