Formica Laminate Colour Chart

The Formica Colour Range features 170 swatches to choose from including woodgrains, solids and patterns.

PDFFormica Laminate Colour Chart

Please note that the sample swatches below should be used as a guide only. Their appearance cannot be guaranteed as an accurate representation of the material as sample colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution.

Almond Papyrus
Amber Kashmire
Amber Maple
American Rose Granite
Antique White Oxide
Antique White
Aqua Dotscreen
Argento Romano
Ashen Ribbonwood
Autumn Indian Slate
Baltic Granite
Basalt Slate
Beige Grafix
Belmonte Granite
Beluga Beige
Blueberry Halftone
Brazilian Brown Granite
Brite White
Burnished Glaze
Butcherblock Maple
Butterum Granite
Cardboard Solidz
Carrara Bianco
Carrara Envision
Charcoal Boomerang
Citrus Halftone
Colorado Slate
Concrete Stone
Cotta Stone
Creme Quarstone
Denim Canvas
Dover White
Earth Wash
Ebony Oxide
Ebony Riverwood
Elemental Concrete
Elemental Corten
Elemental Stone
Endless Graytone
Endless Indigo
Endless Smoke
Fallen Leaves
Flax Gauze
Flint Crystall
Fog Dust
Folkstone Celesta
Folkstone Grafix
Giallo Granite
Gilded Glaze
Graphite Grafix
Gray Ellipse
Himalayan Slate
Ivory Kashmire
Jamocha Granite
Jut Gauze
Kerala Granite
Labrador Granite
Lava Flow
Lime Stone
Madras Indian Slate
Marfil Antico
Marfil Cream
Mdf Solidz
Midnight Stone
Mineral Jet
Mineral Olivine
Mineral Pebble
Mineral Sepia
Mineral Spa
Mineral Terra
Mineral Umber
Mint Dotscreen
Mocha Travertine
Myriad Ribbonwood
Natural Canvas
Natural Ribbonwood
Navy Grafix
New Burgundy
Noir Envision
Oxidized Beamwood
Paloma Bisque
Paloma Dark Gray
Paloma Polar
Parquet Cafe
Parquet Latte
Parquet Noche
Perlato Granite
Portico Marble
Red Ellipse
Rosso Granite
Sail White Oxide
Sail White
Salvage Planked Elm
Sand Crystall
Sand Flow
Sand Stone
Santa Ceclilia Gold
Shoji Screen
Silver Quartzite
Smoke Quarstone
Stone Grafix
Storm Solidz
Tangelo Dotscreen
Tangelo Halftone
Tatami Mat
Tuscan Marble
Ubatuba Granite
Venetian Gold Granite
Walnut Quarstone
White Ellipse
White Ice Granite
White Onyx

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